Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monta Grapplethon Closing Remarks

Words still can’t express how I feel right now after Grapplethon: Team Dana Moore. I’m not gonna lie there has been a lot  of things in BJJ that have been pissing me off as of late that made me want to leave for good but its moments like yesterday  that make me blessed I welcomed this art into my life. This Grapplethon for Dana was by far the most emotional and personal for me just because of his story which made it so rewarding to see so many people come out to support him.

In my closing statement its only fitting I thank a couple of people for making this event possible.

The Participants- thanks again for bringing your positive energy to the event. Without your willingness to take a stand and step onto the mats with the right attitude things like this could never be possible which is why we all as a team are so good at creating such an awesome atmosphere every time we get together. Also from a personal standpoint it was great seeing old friends and making new ones.

Professor Grant Collins- Thank you for being a gracious host making your home our home and trusting us ( brett weekly & myself) for putting on a fun, safe, and memorable event.

Sponsors/Raffle Gifts contributors- Thank you for stepping up and bringing more life to the events with your generous offerings to the participants and Grapplethon benefactors.

The Moore Family- I know it may have been mighty out of the blue having some random stranger wanting to host a charity event for your son and it is because of your openness which I am grateful for. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your lives and I can honestly say through knowing your family it builds great strength, positivity, and faith within myself of ones abilities of going through that storm while on that life sail.

Brett Weekley- Due to a small incident that happen at the first grapplethon and the beginning stages of grapplethon 2 I told myself I would never allow or trust anyone to help me in the future.  However I guess you gotta make some exceptions. Knowing you for close to two years now you are without a doubt that one of a kind person one rarely runs across in the BJJ World and because of that  I'm proud to have you as a friend/brother. It takes a caring person to think about your friend Dana the way you did, which really shows the type of person you are selfless to the core. I know you don’t like taking a lot of credit but you should take some at least. Thanks again for all you help with the creation of this event and taking a load of stress off my back (especially when I was competing 3x in one month), introducing me to Dana , and your wonderful family (mom, dad, and April) for being an added support through the event.
Take a bow brother and btw it far from over in terms of u being a grapplethon host !!!

The Champ Dana Moore- thanks again for the inspiration you honestly don’t know what an honor it was to finally meet you (which probably explained all those nerves I had) meant a lot to me. Keep fighting brother and I will see you soon.

1 % better

monta' ( pronounced like Monday with a "t" replacing the "d")

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sailing Through a Storm

" For I Am Not Afraid of Storms, For I Am Learning to Sail My Ship"? -Louisa May Alcott

Metaphorically speaking  we are all ships and life is a endless sea of adventure. Sometimes the life sail may be smooth encountering our share of  fun times while on the flipside on that same sail it can get rocky which sends us through horrible shit storms. These storms can cause damage to our ship causing it to possibly sink leaving us with that questionable doubt of Can We Move Forward ?

Storms can undoubtedly be dangerous especially when it arise in our lives however learning how to deal with these unexpected occurrences is how we mature which gives us a  broader understanding of that vast sea we called life

As the captain of my  ship sailing through life has been a crazy voyage which isn't even close to reaching its destination. Five days in counting marks another storm that is a brewing in the form of another charity Grapplethon for a BJJ brother name Dana  Moore. Going into this event I can honestly say I have never been so nervous (this probably even rivals my tournament nerves)   because of  my curiosity of the event results but also  I will be meeting the "benefactor"  for the first time which I never done in the past two grapplethons events because they lived out of state( mind you I am  a underground  guy I rarely like to be seen or notice for anything). In addition as the days get closer something has been really bothering me especially after listening to Dana's  story of strength through the storm he is going through being a 24 year old blue belt bind to a wheelchair due to a construction accident. This reflection of his story hit close to home which has been deeply thinking about my friend Rustle Laidman who died almost a year ago.

February 22 2013 marked a cold storm in my life after a tournament in Denver, Colorado as I got news of his death. For those that read the Ruslte Laidman Eulogy  you would know how much he meant to me as he is  one of the most influential people I meet not only  in martial arts but also in life. Normally when I encounter such storms I'm am able to deal with close one's deaths but for over a year the sting is painful especially when his name is mentioned casuing my heart to sink which gets me really sad asking that three letter word WHY. Although I wont get into details ( you can make your own conclusion or feel free to ask me privately) When a close friend dies in the manner that my friend Rustle did it is something you cant get over. It is something that leaves  you hurt, angry, and clueless wondering wish you could have helped or what if he was still here especially in my case with so many great things going on  in my life these days.

Nevertheless through every storm  you come out of you learn more about the climate which allows you to have a different outlook on the sail as you find new ways to navigate through future scenarios. What Rustle's death taught me was the idea of  an individual's pain. Many people are sailing through life as I write this blog and are forced to go through troublesome storms . Storms are no freaking joke as they can cause mass devastation to a person financially, emotionally, health wise, or stoppage to one's desired goals. Furthermore no matter how one tries to mask or hide this emotional pain  whether it be through drinking or weed smoke that give them a brief escape, sport activities ,  religion preference (no offense), or self motivating quotes it still can be hard going through the storm alone.  However the greatest part about sailing on the sea of life is we run into other ships that don't mind lending  a helping hand. In all people going through struggles  just need to be made aware that someone cares about what they are going through.

Just wish I would have done this before my friend passed away but hey I'm learning how to sail my ship :-?

The reason for the continual push of Grapplethons does just this in an effort to show people we care while also learning some things in the process. I cant begin to imagine the things I have learned about my friend's death, the Boss Frank Edge,  Bad Ass John Flite, or the Champ Dana Moore which has helped me to be stronger and better in my life. Its taught me how to handle situations better, treat people better, be fearless in dangerous situations, and so many others aspects which allows this ship Monta Wiley to keep his voyage pushing.

Ships and Storms how are your pushing through it to continue your voyage and be better than you once were.

With that said nevrous but really looking forward to Saturday.. Cant wait to see what happens on this sail.

1 % Better As Usual or Try'n to Be at Least....

monta ( pronounced like Monday with a "t" replacing the "d")

Monday, February 24, 2014

KO Finisher Experience: A Man's Man Event

"Experience is the teacher of all things"- Julius Caesar

Experiences in life have taught me many things that have revealed the strengths and weakness in my character to build me to become the man I want to be. It's been nine months since I done my oh so famous "Battle Within" tournament recap blog and to be honest although both past Grappling X tournaments offered me great experience which included my first purple belt medal  I didn't get enough standout memories  to give a great story for everyone to grasp and feel..... until now.

Stepping out of the box  I found myself going into a tournament called the KO Finisher. A event I like to call a man's man competition it wasn't your typical point style format games as the objective to secure victory was pretty simple. Submit Your Opponent with the sure possibility of  going against multiple competitors in one day. Knowing the rules I got the impression that this was going to be a grueling and maybe dangerous tournament I was entering. Days leading up to the event especially when I was on my way to Anaheim to compete, my anxiety/stress level was at an all time HIGH  which reason could only be.. wanting to  live up to my expectations in terms of my performance but also just concern for safety for  me and my opponents. Nevertheless finally understanding how my nerves work after all these years that only meant I truly cared about being there so I could only go in with the hopes that all my wishes come true.

The tournament started on time which I can say was rare compared to other events I been to although I had to wake up 7am in the morning to make it to weigh ins on time. Nevertheless once I was at mat side nothing felt better  knowing I was about to go through a tough yet great challenge to make myself better. The day started off with my division which include me, Phil from the BJJ Club, and Mike from Ralph Gracie Chino Hills. Oddly enough before I could even step on the mat to compete something happened. For the first time ever (which is something I never do) me and my opponents had friendly conversation amongst ourselves before we competed. I must say it was mighty strange doing that shit knowing when the time comes to compete they wouldn't  hesitate to take my fuck'n limbs off or put me to sleep. But hey I guess maybe I had grown up a bit since my " the opponent is my enemy" mind frame I had back in 2005, a mutual respect amongst men for what we are about to do, or  both theories combined so I just took it for what is was worth (being in the moment sorta speak).

The fights were great and was a collection of some of the toughest opponents I ever fought . If you saw the fights you can tell we all wanted to be there because the first round robin rounds ended in a 3 way draw between me and my two gamed opponents. The next round robin threw an interesting twist (something I didn't know about originally) which found me and Phil fighting to go to the finals against Mike. The fight went the full distance with me winning the match by ref decision for being the most aggressive fighter. Man did I feel great about going to the finals but more so I was just grateful to have a great opponent in Phil making me work hard for the win.

Here I am Mr. Monta Wiley my first time in the finals as a purple belt in a Submission only event with all spectator eyes watching wondering what the epic conclusion would be in the 150 below Purple belt final match. To say I was in the moment was an understatement as a matter of fact I was the MOMENT (if that makes any since) because it truly defined me taking everything in as if life situations on the outside didn't exist.

The match started off well with me setting up bottom game leg locks submissions and Darce chokes . Unfortunately Mike was on point defending everything which eventually lead me to me getting submitted 3 minutes into the round crowning him the KO Finisher Champion. Losing in the finals was by no means a devastating feeling for me because like anything in life things don't always go the way we want. In all honesty when it comes to losing a match I prefer to have lost the way I did because it shows even at my "BEST" I'm not perfect, i'm willing to face shortcomings, learn, and grow from it. Also to the credit of the champ it showed my opponent gave me everything he had to beat me which I have the upmost respect for.

The great thing about this fight was even in victory Mike was a class act as he gave me great words of respect on the mat right after his hand was raised something I never really got from any of my past opponents which really meant a lot to me.

Walking off the mat in the finals was an incredible feeling for me as it seemed like I gained a lot more than I expected which gave me a sense of peace and strength in my heart for various reasons.

So this is where I normally end the blog however my day wasn't done...............

With a second place finish already under my notch I thought to myself why not make the best of my experience and enter the absolute division.. after all I've had nothing to lose ( for the record my buddy Richard Semides encouraged me to do it also and he had a bag full of reasons including the keys to the car so I was strongly encouraged -haha-) . Going into the open division  as 133 pounder one would ask what was I thinking going against guys 50 to 70 pounds on me ? and to be honest I wasn't thinking at all which was a good thing but reflecting back on it the answer could only have been deep down I was just curious of the knowledge I was going to get afterwards :-)

Going through the process of fighting  Jimmy Fredrich who fought in ADCC ( I got submitted in that match) , surviving an onslaught war against Ahmadi from Ralph Gracie SF (draw match), and  closing the day in my last match (doing something I was scared to do) fight a friend in the form of Zachary Earle which turned out to be a blast (that match went to a draw) there were so many emotions carried with me into each fight which I can say I used to my advantage to perform at my best offensively  and defensively .I can honestly say looking back I'm glad I did the open weight division and would probably be crazy enough to do it again (submission only style).

In all competing at the  KO Finisher  I felt so ALIVE on the mat  giving it everything I had against liked minded competitors  which probably explained the friendships and respect amongst everyone (especially the purple belt division) I saw  after most of the matches. Lastly for the first time ever I finally understood what it meant to have FUN which is something I always wanted to feel for a very long time but couldn't cause of  things I carried with me into competition in the past...

I cant wait for the next one ( I don't care where it takes place I will be there) !!!

Until then all I can do is keeping training, work hard toward my goal ( u all know what that is) and enjoy the journey.

1 % better

monta ( pronounced like Monday with a T replacing the D)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Grapplethon : Team Dana Moore

SoCal Jiu-Jitsu Community Unite! again. Yeah you guessed it it’s that time again for another Grapplethon event. Since last year the Grapplethons here in Southern California seemed to be getting bigger and bigger which makes this upcoming charity event one that myself and everyone is looking forward too.In an effort to reconnect with friends as well as make new ones this event will be held at a new location which will be held at.

Optimus BJJ
31151 Niguel Rd.
Laguna Niguel, California 92677

Date: March 22 2014

Time: 1:30 pm- until everyone leaves

What is a Grapplethon : At Grapplethon it is set up like an open mat 180 minute ( 3 Hour)  rolling session. The rolls will be 6 minutes each (timer style) so at the end of the day you will get 30 rolls of great training while also hopefully meeting new friends in the process while supporting a great cause

What is the Cause : This event we will be supporting one of our very own from the southern California JJ community. A BJJ Blue Name Dana Moore here is a summary of his story.

DanaMoore is a blue belt under Professor Grant Collins (Optimus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy) in Laguna Niguel. Dana began his journey in BJJ a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love with the sport. He started teaching kids classes at Optimus and dedicated most of his time to training and teaching others. He was in a construction related accident approximately 2 months ago after taking a new job down in San Diego. After being at his job for only a couple of weeks he was struck in the back by a drill pipe fracturing both the T6 & T7   vertebrae and spinal cord trauma. Currently he is paralyzed from the rib-cage down. He was recently approved to attend a VIP Neuro- rehabilitation center, an intensive rehab center dedicated to improving the brain to muscle synapse/connection

Dana is a very active young guy who is determined to improve his condition everyday through hard work and perseverance. He has a girlfriend, two sisters, mother and Father (Dana 1st and Lynne Moore)

Price: The cost to attend will be $ 10 flat nothing more nothing less. With your $10 entry you will get a free raffle your first and last name will be used as the “raffle ticket” so luckily you don’t have to look at your number while training ticket. However if you choose to donate more that is totally fine.

Raffle Prizes: Raffle prizes will be raffled after every 12 minutes (2 rolls) so everyone will get to get there prize during the event !!! (Sponsors and gifts will be announced on the event page in the coming days leading up to the event.

FYI: Color Post Its with your first and last name will be used as the “raffle ticket” so luckily you don’t have to look at your number while training.

In-Door Entry Gift: So what if you don't win a raffle gift ? Don't worry we have the covered ! We have 5 great in-door entry gifts for everyone that attends. 1 is an electronic gift everyone will love and the second is for the first 60 people that show up. (those in-door gifts will be announced on the event page)

El Atnom Big 300 Challenge: As most of you remember from past Grapplethon events I completed two 1914 Kimonos to earn extra money for the two charities those events focused on. Stepping away this time around I want others to experience what its like to roll hard to help someone and lets just say this will take more than one person to complete the challenge. More details on this challenge in the coming weeks.

For more information and updates on this great charity event please visit the Grapplethon: Team Dana Moore Facebook Event page.


If you have any questions contact Monta Wiley or Brett Weekley at facebook.

vertebrae and suffering spinal

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Xpereince : Continuing On

"Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginnings End"- Seneca

Well it seems like my awesome two year venture with  Xande Ribeiro and Gang has come to an end as I now find myself back where I started in 2011 with no BJJ home ( wow talk about full circle). I cant begin to explain how  blessed I am to be apart of such a great team and instructor and although it sucks that it has come to an end one thing life has taught  is to stay strong, never give up, and keep moving forward which I will continue to do.

A new purple belt in hand, instructor back in Brazil, and team disbanded I guess the question everyone has been wanting to know is "What Are You Going to Do Now Monta"? I asked myself that same question and if you would have asked me earlier this month I would have told you I Don't Know. Fortunately now I do have an answer so here goes.

After visiting some new gym options, thinking, and talking with some close friends I have reached a decision. Starting next year sadly I will no longer be under Xande Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu and I am now apart of  ... Team (click link).


If you click the link all I gotta say is ....GOTCHA !!!! ;-)

The reason for this decision has nothing to do with loyalty to the Bossman but rather a sense of happiness and satisfaction with the association I am apart of. Coolest thing I have discovered about being apart of the Ribeiro team is whether you looking to become a world champion or just another dude training, fellow  people that are apart of the group (at least the ones I have meet outside my gym team)  will be willing to help you the best way they can whether it is picking you up for the train station, hang out afterwards, giving advice, or even giving you a place to stay as an out of towner.

There is certainly no shortage of charity with this faction even when being caught in the confusing situation I found myself in after Xande's departure back to Brazil.So I figured why go through the pains of joining another academy, starting over, trying to fit in, and other quarrels  if a situation can be resolved/fixed. ( especially since I just train and compete on occasion).

Thanks to two special individuals (whose choose to remain anonymous) the option of remaining Ribeiro is now possible as  I will now be cross training between 2 Ribeiro gyms on a weekly basis. This way I can continue to maintain a regular training routine, stay a purple belt under the same team, and   above all it eliminates the "burning bridges"/ offending anyone factor with my actions.
I guess you can call me a Ronin  Ribeiro Guy.

Many great BJJ practitioners such as Tom Barlow, Adamson Brothers, Darragh O Conaill, and lets not forget about a truck load of 10th planet practitioners have followed this road/format I am embarking on and excelled well without the 100 % dependency of their instructor...So hey as the peer pressure of drinking would suggest "Don't Diet It, Try It" ( ok that was a bad example)

In addition my training won't stop there as I will now be devoting some of my time on Thursday Nights at my old college Cal State Los Angeles at the BJJ Open Mat. The CSULA Martial Arts Program is where I got my start from and I can honestly say if it weren't for the people that helped me I wouldn't be the person I am today. On many occasions when I left the college I wanted to go back but wasn't ready. Now with a purple belt , 9 years of experience, and a little more mature I think its only fitting I go back and give back to my community that did so much for me being the uncontrollable, angry, opinionated character I was at the time.

Also FYI that also means all you other  Xande Ribeiro Ronins  now have a spot to train on Thursday nights !! :-)

As for the rest of my plan for next year the script remains the same.... training, writing, Grapplethon events, traveling, challenging myself in competitions (going for 3-4 tournaments next year), and cant forget about my good ol paper job...So only thing to do at this point is.... Continue On.

Typing this last blog of this year all I can do is reflect and prepare for what is to come next year.
2013 was a wild and crazy year filled with ultimate highs and super lows points which has helped in my growth as a person. I don't know what 2014 will bring but one thing is 4sure whatever challenges come my way...the goal will always remain the same.

 Becoming a better man than I .........(awww I'm tired of writing this year you know the rest !!!!) :-)

Peace Out

monta (pronounced like Monday with a "T" replacing the "D")

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Xperience : Leading The Way

"Our Lives Aren't Just Measured in Years. The Measure of Our Lives Are The People We Touch Around Us"- Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games: Catching Fire ).

Everything in life happens for a reason including the people that enter into it. People don't come into our lives by accident and although  their presence  may  often be  temporarily the interaction provides as a great learning experience to help us in our growth whether the lesson is harsh or uplifting.

I have meet a lot of people along my life journey especially  in my many travels in the MMA/BJJ world. Sitting here writing this blog it still blows my mind of one particular individual and if anyone would have told me 7 years ago that he would be my instructor when I first became a fan  back  at the Pan Ams 2006 I would have called them a bold face liar. But hey nothing happens by accident RIGHT ?
I would like to define the 2 year tenure as not just your typical getting better at BJJ session but also a call of action by someone to force one to improve every aspect of our lives. The individual I am talking about is Alexandre "Xande" Ribiero.

For all you newbies in the game if you don't know who Xande Ribeiro is you need to look him up as he is regarded as one of the most accomplished BJJ fighters of all time. Since 2006 I have somewhat followed his career . While many BJJ greats had the skills and work ethic that made them champions on countless occasions the thing that stood out about Xande for me was his attitude which can be described as  a fearless warrior  ready to go through whatever obstacle  to achieve his goal.

Years passed on in my own journey as I was gradually  trying to find my own place in the bjj universe as a blue belt. But it wasn't until 2011 where I found myself in an unhappy training situation  which left me at a standstill of WHAT NOW ? Xande also seemed to be settling off on his own journey at the time as he moved from San Diego to Los Angeles.  I was stoked when I found back in May 2011that he was going start a school in MY city so why not give it one more shot and  train under a world champion I respected plus I figured being at the start of something for once would be great becuase  I would get the chance to see the academy built from the ground up.

Contrary to what people might have thought (at least IMO) me and Xande were never close from a  friendship standpoint (not to say we didn't get along because we got along great).99 % of our time together was spent on the mat. It's not to say I didn't want to be it just that when I came into the program I had instilled a mentality within myself to "play my position" above everything else which was to be the best student I can be and doing what Xande told me personally to do from day one which was staying committed to my training and my new BJJ family.

The months  passed on as a found myself making close friends with my teammates (some people I consider brothers) while also learning BJJ techniques from the best. However moves taught in BJJ can only apply in the field of combat ( competition and self-defense) because although I learned some great techniques  I learned something far greater which happens to be a challenge all of us go through daily  ...LIFE.

Life is challenge every time you walked out of the door filled with various issues  whether it is on your job, relationships, becoming the best at your craft, or some uncertainty within ourselves.  BJJ World Champions are also not prone from this attack  including Xande. (hopefully I don't get in trouble for saying this but here goes)...

On occasion (especially in Year 2) Xande would come  to class and you can tell something was bothering him. It was like the weight of the world was on this man's shoulders as he took each step trying to overcome whatever "battle within" he was going through. But after strapping on that white kimono something happen  which is something I never seen in all my 9 years of training. Whether it was verbal poetry or raw emotion  he would turn it into positive energy on the mats running intense classes while  spitting words I never heard come out of an instructors mouth something you couldn't find at your typical BJJ gym bound by the rules of train hard and pay your tuition.

"Every time you walk out of your house there is gonna be a challenge how are you gonna respond to it"

"You don't have to be a BJJ World Champion just a better person than you once were"

These were just small examples of  encouragement/motivation he instilled in us something no fan or seminar attendee could ever get. Xande was a man that truly understood what this game is all about.
 He was able to connect life trials with BJJ trials which gave us all a boost of confidence of whatever task or hurdle we were taking on to become better which is certainly made him worthy of the title Bossman..

On a personal note knowing Xande (especially a famous person of his caliber in the BJJ World) provided great influence and a sense of clarity that I wasn't alone. That I wasn't the only deep one , that I too was fighting every day to become better, reflecting, and through it all trying make my own positive contribution to society. It is those qualities that made me proud to be his student, wanting to learn more on how to be better, proud to take two metro trains and a bus 3 to 4 times a week at night to the academy, and most importantly  (n this thought never crossed my mind ever)..... someone I wanted a BJJ Black Belt from someday.

Unfortunately  life has a way of throwing wrenches in the equation as Xande's life (4 good reasons) was directing him into a new direction back to Brazil. Although I understood the reasons I did not take it very well (I have my reasons). Being that I lost so much this year (if you been following my timeline in 2013) this was something that I was angry and upset about asking the burning question why me ?. Not only my instructor but also all the friends (teammates I made in the process all gone. It hurt  me deeply even much so that for the first time I BROKE...I wanted to quit BJJ for good cause nothing seemed to work for me. Then all the reason for this sadness hit me.

At that moment I realized this guy is truly making an impact in my life and although I was to prideful to admit it to his face under my straight blank/clueless face demeanor I didn't want him to go, I still needed him in some way to continue helping me...a painful hurt I kept bottled up.

But even in dark sad times Xande always had a way to keep everything positive . Heading into the  Jiu-jitsu Jam/Seminar at Oceanside Jiu-jitsu on 12/3/13 all I truly wanted was just one more time to learn and train with him which I got. Little did I know I had something else waiting for me that night. Giving his speech he talked about the many special people he met during his time in LA. I don't remember much after that but I do remember him reaching in his Gi and pulling out a Purple Belt and saying my name.

The emotion I felt that day was overwhelming filled with shock, surprise, dumb founded for a minute and gratitude. It's was so overwhelming that after he put the purple belt around me I went into a  Daydream Seizure for 10 minutes because I didn't think any of it was real. Even looking back on that day it hard to explain how I felt but I can tell you one thing I was humbled and honored to become his Purple belt. Now if that isn't a way to end a great chapter I don't know what is.

If you want to know about how lives are measure by the people we meet this is what this experience  did for me and whether it is truly temporary (The END) or a mere set up to an upcoming sequel if definitely taught me a lot about myself.

and its not really much to say but ......................

thx Boss Man

1 % better or maybe even 2 % in this case

-monta (pronounced like Monday with a t replacing the d) :-)

to be continued next blog will talk about my training future.........................................

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quick-Stop Grapplethon

Hey everyone welcome to the first installment of Quick-Stop Grapplethon. In an effort to continue our campaign of community and charity the event will be held at the same location as Grapplethon 2.

Dan Lukehart's Brea Jiu-jitsu Academy
379 W. Central Avenue
Brea, California 92821

The Grapplethon events this year in my opinion has been one of the best ideas we came up with which has brought new life and opportunities for all of us here in the Southern California community. So being that the end of the year is coming to a close and competition bug cools off why not spend it one last time doing what we do best training and helping someone in need.

What is a Quick-Stop Grapplethon: Our past Grapplethon events have been organized in an event format filled with challenges, prizes, training and charity. A quick stop Grapplethon event is focused on the core of the purpose which centers of Charity and unity with the community.

What is the Cause? -

This Quick-Stop Grapplethon will focus on helping John Flite. Here is his story (told by John Himself)

John Flite : My name is John Flite. I am a Philadelphia Probation Officer but BJJ is my passion. I am 42 years old and married to my wife Amy. I am a father of two kids. Gabe is 11 and Rosie is 17. I have been training BJJ for a little over 5 years. In August I was promoted to the rank of purple belt by Jared Weiner. My son Gabe also trains under Jared also. This was suppose to be an exciting time for my family. My daughter is a senior in high school and will be off to collage next year. After I revived my purple belt I noticed my energy levels were off. I went to the Doctor and on October 7, 2013 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was told it was in 40% of my bone marrow and that I would have to be admitted to the hospital to receive chemo therapy. I was admitted on October 14, 2013 and as of this writing (12/11/13) I have been hospitalized since. I was given two rounds of intensive chemo therapy which seems to have crushed the cancer for now. My Doctor said I may be discharged within the next few days depending on the results of a couple more tests. I have done my best to stay positive the whole time. I keep telling myself that I refuse to be sick! I started writing about my situation on Facebook and was amazed by the outpouring of support I was getting from the BJJ community! Many people that I have never meet reached out offering support to me and my family. It touched me and has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I think Leukemia is going to make me a better person in the end! I am not sure what the future holds for me. I may need more chemo down the line and I may need a bone marrow transplant but my Doctor is optimistic about me being cured! I continue to fight this battle and refuse to stop until I win! I couldn't do it by myself. Without the support of my family and the BJJ community I'm not sure that I would be doing as well as I am.

Date: December 21st 2013

Price: $15 {nothing more nothing less}

Raffle Prizes: not that it will be a major focus but there will be 5 raffle prizes given away for the event. {Raffle ticket will be free with your $15 entry}

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