Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grapplethon 2

Hey Everyone back by popular demand is Grapplethon 2. In an effort to reconnect with friends as well as make new ones this event will be held at a new location

Dan Lukehart's Brea Jiu-jitsu Academy
379 W. Central Avenue
Brea, California 92821

The last Grapplethon far exceeded my expectations which was a great event that was not only for a good cause but also brought the community together showcasing major unity no matter what patch we have on our backs. Since that time many people have been asking me when will the next event be ? So after months of being busy and finding a great cause to support its time to get back to work.

So here is the rundown of Grapplethon 2 !!! 

What is a Grapplethon :At Grapplethon it is set up like an open man 180 minute rolling session. The rolls will be 6 minutes each so at the end of the day you will get 30 rolls of great training while also hopefully meeting new friends in the process while supporting a great cause.

What is the Cause : this event we will be supporting a man living in his last days with cancer by the name of Frank Edge

For more information on his story and status visit his facebook page

Date : August 24 2013

Time: 1pm-4pm ( we may go longer)

Price : this time around the cost to attend will be $ 10 flat nothing more nothing less. With your $10 entry you will get a free raffle ticket. However if you choose to donate more than 10 you will get another raffle tickets ( still can only win one prize like the last event). I want to keep the raffle tickets count at a minimum so we wont make a mess of Dan's academy with color post-its everywhere. Plus it will make the drawing go smoother.

180 Minute Challenge : Last time I rolled 120 minutes straight and was able to obtain $1000 extra bucks toward the charity. This time around I will have to roll 180 minutes straight for Frank Edge to raise more $$$ courtesy of 1914 kimmonos. So going need you guys help to push me through the 3 hours of rolling !!

Raffle Prizes : Raffle prizes will be raffled after every 12 minutes ( 2 rolls) so everyone will get to get there prize during the event !!!
(Sponsors and gifts will be announced on the event page in the coming days leading up to the event)

Monta Grand Prizes: Aside from the raffle gifts this event festivities will feature the newly established two grand prizes from yours truly .............

Grand Prize # 1 (180 minute Challenge)- Besides myself let's see if anyone else can do 180 minutes of rolling !! The individual who can also stay in for 180 minutes straight will receive a $180 gift certificate for In the event of a tie the $180 will be divided amongst the individuals.

So for Example: If five people make it through the 180 minutes each person will receive $36.


Grand Prize # 2 (Monta Tapout Challenge)- many people made a statement that I did not roll "hard" enough to earn the big 1914 donation. Well lets make me work a little harder this time around. I will be doing 30 rolls that day (with hopefully 30 different people). Whoever can submit me the most within the 6 minute duration roll....will get a $ 100 OTM gift card ( same format applies in the event of a tie) but don't beat me up too bad remember beating up a man of charity is like hitting a person with glasses and you wouldn't do that ..would you ??? :-)

Note: This challenge only applies when rolling with ME not others you roll with...this is not a place for ego or competition.. let keep it fun and memorable !!

Grand Prizes will be distributed electronically with a confirmation code two days after the event.

For more updates or to sign up visit the  Grapplethon 2 Event Page

or feel free to hit me up at

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